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October 18, 2019

So, You Decided To Become A Professional Photographer? Here are 10 Great Tips To Help Send You In The Right Direction With Your Next Steps.

The road to feeling like a real “professional photographer” is long and hard, but this great article is here to help! “10 Tips For Turning Pro in 2020” by Scott Choucino from features great advice for any photographer starting out as a business or any current professional hoping to hone in on their business skills in the new year.

Keep Work and Play Separate

Choucino advises new professionals to create a specified workspace. Whether you have an in-home studio or you rent a space, it is vital that your relaxation area is separate from your working area. Just like you shouldn’t do work in bed, you should ensure that your space for watching TV is set apart from your professional environment. With this distinction, you’ll be able to focus more on your professional tasks and become less distracted by a relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t Shoot Unless You Have A Good Reason

Don’t shoot more photos just for the sake of shooting. You need to have a set reason why you’re breaking out your camera instead of just hoping that quantity will lead to quality. “The act of taking more photographs won't make you a better photographer, it will simply make your faults and shortcomings better practiced”. If you want to grow as a professional, there should be a specific skill you hope to improve with each new photoshoot.

Stop Buying New Gear

New camera gear is exciting and fun to toy with when expanding your collection, but Choucino strictly advises against buying unnecessary gear. He suggests that falling for the latest trend in camera gear will only leave you broke. Not all innovations are necessary, especially when photography is your business.

If you enjoyed these tips and tricks there are several more in the article!

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