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June 16, 2016

Small Claims Advocacy: LIVE UPDATES from Capitol Hill DAY TWO

As PPA kicks off Day Two in our nation's capital, we wanted to remind you about THIS FRIDAY (tomorrow) and the free, online event you can take part in: Every Voice Counts - PPA's Grassroots Plan for Small Claims. This informative session is the perfect way to jump on board with us and brush up on what small claims protection is, why we need your help, and what YOU can do to help change policy. Sign up now

Now, for the updates:



We had another positive meeting with Casey Fitzpatrick, counsel to Congresswoman Mimi Walters (R-CA) from the judiciary committee. Casey's interest in the issue was apparent as he asked detailed questions and gave input regarding how to make the small claims process as successful as possible. Congresswoman Walters has many PPA members in her district, and we hope she will be positively engaged on the issue as legislation is introduced and discussed. We will certainly stay in touch with this office.

That about does it for our D.C. trip this week. Remember, we have reached a critical point in the process where we need YOU to get involved. And not only you. We need you to tell your friends to get involved. And they need to tell their friends. And so on. If you have not already, please sign up now for the Small Claims Grassroots Action Team at




We just had a brief meeting with Bobby Cornett with the office of Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ). Congressman Franks also came in and spoke with us briefly about his strong support for copyright protection. We brought Bobby up to speed on upcoming legislation. He is looking forward to reviewing finalized legislation. We will remain in contact with this office as the process unfolds.




Excellent meeting with Lauren Soltini. The office of Congresswoman DelBene has been supportive of the idea of copyright small claims for quite some time. Lauren was excited to hear that legislation is in the works. She is confident that the Congresswoman will be eager to support small claims legislation when introduced.

We are headed to a lunch meeting with Keith Kupferschmid, CEO of the Copyright Alliance, to discuss the legislative process for small claims, strategy, and how the Alliance can continue to be supportive and involved.





We had a great meeting with Jeff Wieland in the office of Congressman Marino this morning. Congressman Marino is one of the key republicans on the judiciary committee when it comes to championing IP rights and protection. It is very important that he is on board with copyright small claims. And fortunately, the office has been very receptive to the idea.

We brought Jeff up to speed on the progress unfolding related to small claims legislation. We hope that Congressman Marino will choose to sign on to a small claims bill as a co-sponsor once the legislation is finalized (which will happen within the next week or two).

Our next meeting is with Lauren Soltini in the Office of Congresswoman DelBene (D-WA). Congresswoman DelBene had a strong voice on the committee and within her party related to property rights, including intellectual property. We will report back soon!





Late yesterday, PPA's Advocacy Team met with Linda Shim, the chief of staff to Congresswoman Chu (D- CA), who is personally drafting copyright small claims legislation. Congresswoman Chu is planning to distribute a discussion draft of her bill to stakeholders next week, and will formally introduce the legislation before the upcoming July recess.  

Congresswoman Chu and Linda Shim have worked so closely with PPA and other visual arts associations along the way to ensure that the proposed legislation will create an effective process for visual artists. The legislative process has not been, and will not be, without complications because of all of the stakeholders, lawmakers, and government officials involved, but Congresswoman Chu is such a strong champion to be leading the charge for small creators' rights. We are very fortunate to have her 100% on board!

We talked through some very specific details of the legislation regarding how exactly the small claims process will be administered. There will likely be some changes made to the legislation once the office of Congresswoman Chu consults with her republican counterpart on the bill (once confirmed) and considers input from other stakeholders. Please stayed tuned for when the bill is introduced, at which time we will share the full text and work to educate the Grassroots Action Team on its details. Linda was extremely excited to hear about PPA's Grassroots Action Plan. She reconfirmed that strong grassroots support is exactly what sets up a bill for success - so please get involved; every voice counts!

Our first meeting today is with Jeff Wieland in the office of Congressman Marino (R-PA). Congressman Marino is a known supporter of intellectual property rights and has a strong voice on the judiciary committee. He previously introduced a Copyright Office Modernization bill, which PPA supports, alongside Congresswoman Chu. We hope to secure his support for copyright small claims during this meeting.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Hill! If you have not already, be sure to visit to join our Copyright Small Claims Grassroots Action Team!