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November 08, 2018

Show Your Clients the Value of Print Art

Nowadays, people are constantly connected to their phones fawning over the latest technology, so it’s no surprise when your clients assume that seeing a professional photographer means they’ll get digital downloads of their images.

It’s your business, so it’s your responsibility to explain to your clients what the best products for them are. When you take this responsibility into your own hands, you’ll be able to efficiently grow your business and your revenue. Selling wall art and prints can seem like an impossible task when all customers want to talk about are digital photos, but all it takes is educating them.

Visuals are important! Don’t just show a price lists of your products; show images to give your client a well-rounded idea of what they’re paying for. Along with that, showcase your printed images, so the client will be able to envision the art in their home, making them more inclined to buy.

Don’t be shy. Ask your clients what they want out of their images and where they plan on displaying them in their homes. Take the time to understand what your clients want their photographs to look like and work on a design with them. Don’t be afraid to bring up physical products so your customers will have the chance to visualize them.

Go above-and-beyond for your customer. Offering the best of your services to each client will show them how much you appreciate them and how seriously you take your business. Oftentimes, customers are willing to spend more money for your personal attention.

When you finally come to the end of your session and it’s time for the sale, be prepared with a presentation or slideshow so they can see the story their photos tell. Don’t get discouraged when clients turn down tangible art, it’s not for everyone, but keep pushing on and encouraging clients to purchase prints. Photography allows people to relive their happiest moments, but that sentiment is often buried in the efficiency of the digital age.

Add a special touch to your products by using branded packaging and personalized notes. This will show your clients the value in choosing prints over digital photos.

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