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February 17, 2017

Show Stopping Underwater Photos, High Quality Film Scanning Tips, and Camera Bag Necessities: Our Top Blog Posts from February 13-17!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Weekly_Top_Ten_text.jpgValentine's Day has come and gone and if you're lucky, you might just have a box of chocolate or candy hearts still left over. If not, no worries! We've gathered up the top blog posts from this week that we heart, just for you. Enjoy!


An Introduction to Boudoir Photography

NEW TERRITORY: Adding boudoir photography to the list of your specialties can be an exciting change, but also a little intimidating. In boudoir photography, communication is key and there are a few things you should know before breaking into the biz. Luckily, photographer Myla González of Cheeky Boudoir is providing you with some of her best tips for getting started.

These are Not Composites: Recreating Classic Works of Art with a Camera

PHOTO REALISM REVERSED: Photographer David Edmonson looks to master painters of the past for inspiration. From the cinematic style of Caravaggio to the American Realism style of Edward Hopper, Edmonson blends techniques of the past with technology of the present. When you see these photos, you won't believe they're not painted. 

'Boyfriends of Instagram' Showcases Guys Who Struggle to Make Their Girlfriends Look Picture Perfect

LAUGHS: Instagram models, socialites, and celebrities are known for posting glamorous Instagram photos that show off their lavish lifestyles. But what about the boyfriends and husbands behind the camera that make these snaps look effortless and candid? There's a whole Facebook page full of photos dedicated to these unsung heroes, and you can check out some of the highlights here. 


Ever Been Offered $500 for a $5,000 Job? Here's Why People Think They Can Under Pay You...

SALES: You work hard meeting with clients, taking photographs, editing out imperfections, and yet people aren't paying you quite as much as you expected. It's an uncomfortable situation as a freelancer or when working for friends, but it is avoidable. Read this article to find out why you're being underpaid and how to make changes to avoid the problem all together. 


7 Tricks and Tips to Let You Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone Photography

ON THE GO TIPS: We all know that smartphone cameras can't compete with DSLR and sensor cameras, but the technology is improving.  Your phone is always with you, and sometimes you don't have time to waste when capturing life's fleeting moments. In this video, French photographer Serge Ramelli provides you with 7 tips to ensure you're using your smartphone's camera to its fullest potential.  


The 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest

GALLERY: Creatures of the deep and lost treasures are just some of the images you'll see in this gallery of the top 26 images from the Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest. Submissions for the competition came in from over 65 countries with awards available in eight different categories. Wait till you see winner Gabriel Barathieu's stunning underwater image of an octopus. 


Photo Hacks: Adding Drama to Macro Ring Shots With Everyday Objects

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: If you frequently photograph weddings, you probably know this shot all too well. It's the close-up, detailed shot of the wedding rings and it's typically shot with a macro lens. These images are great, but often lack creativity and the technique can be hard to perfect. With this video from Magic Lens, you'll learn how to nail the quintessential wedding ring shot. 


Wet Mount Scanning: How to Get the Highest Quality Film Scans at Home

VIDEO TUTORIAL: If you want high quality film scans, you probably take your film to a lab. But what if there's no lab nearby? What if you could get lab-quality scans from the comfort of your own home? In this step-by-step video tutorial, you'll learn the process of wet mount scanning. With just a few supplies, you may not ever have to hand your film over to a lab again. 


Proposal: A New Definition for Great Light

LIGHTING: Photographers are always chasing the golden hour, those few short minutes during sunrise and sunset where there are no harsh shadows and amazing colors. Many in the industry call this "great light", but what about the rest of the 22 hours of the day? Maybe it's time to redefine "great light" and realize that perfect lighting can be found at any time of day, if you know what you're doing. Change your perspective with this fun read. 

Practical Features to Look for in a Camera Bag

GEAR: If you're buying quality cameras, lenses, and other accessories, you'll want to keep these investments safe. That's where your camera bag comes in, protecting all your gear from falls, spills, and whatever else may come your way. Aside from being durable, what other qualities do you look for when purchasing a camera bag? Check out this article for some practical camera bag elements you may not have considered!  

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