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September 22, 2020

Shira Perlmutter Chosen as 14th U.S. Register of Copyrights

After an extensive 9-month search initiated by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Shira Perlmutter has been selected by Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden to become the 14th U.S. Register of Copyrights. Ms. Perlmutter was previously the Director for the Office of Policy and International Affairs at the USPTO and has more than 20 years of experience working on copyright and intellectual property issues, both in the private and public sectors.

Professional Photographers of America thanks Ms. Perlmutter for her years of service to the copyright community and looks forward to the future as the U.S. Copyright Office welcomes a new public servant to lead the office tasked with protecting our copyrights.