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September 30, 2021

September Blog Roundup: New Business Books, Creative Inspiration, and More

Another month has passed, and that means one thing… it’s time for another blog roundup! This month’s selection features articles on business, creative inspiration, and videos to inspire your photography. No matter what your specialty is or how long you’ve been in business, these articles will help you stay up to date and in the know. Enjoy!

Has COVID Killed Travel Photography?

“The pandemic has changed the nature of travel photography,” writes Paul Choy for FStoppers. “As with most changes, those who can adapt will be best placed to meet the demands of the new reality. The opportunities are still there; we might just have to work harder to seek them out.” Read the full story here.

4 New Books to Help Build Your Business

Finding business tips and ideas online is a great way to start building a better photography business, but sometimes the best advice comes from books. Here are four books that were just published:


Profit First: A Smart Accounting Model for Your Photography Business

Many business owners tend to think that Sales – Expenses = Profits, but that’s not always the case. Learn how to maximize your photography profits with this account model.

Which is More Important: Technical Photography Skill or an Artistic Eye?

Technical skills vs. artist ones: which are more important to learn? PetaPixel dives into the issue and emphasizes the importance of understanding light, composition, and the subject matter that means something to you. Find out more with this thoughtful article.

Rolls and Tubes: A History of Photography

Four photographers, comprising the Rolls and Tubes Collective, examined the events unfolding around them and, through a collaborative effort, they made images in response. Every one of these images pulls from the history of photography, utilizing the classical canon along with pieces that were perhaps overlooked by historians. In response to the ongoing pandemic shortages, the Rolls & Tubes Collective members individually selected photographs to restage with toilet paper as the main foil in each composition. Click here to read more about this unique project.

How Mushroom Time-Lapse Videos Are Filmed 

How do nature documentarians capture the growth of mushrooms? This video from Wired gives you the rundown.

Four Clueless Photographers Trapped in Escape Rooms With 90 Minutes To Create the Perfect Image

What is the greatest challenge you faced on a photoshoot? Your answer may very well include time pressure, an annoying art director, lack of gear, unknown locations, and much more. This is exactly what Profoto did to some four photographers who were asked to only take their camera to a secret location.

The Best Portable Hard Drives for Photographers

“While your laptop or computer comes with an intended storage for all of your photography needs, sometimes it’s just not enough, especially with the increasingly large file sizes of today’s cameras,” writes Alice Houstons for SLR Loung. “The good thing is you can invest in portable hard drives that offer mobility and space for raw image and video files to process later on.” See the list here.

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