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October 29, 2019

See What’s New On TheLoop! Learn From Your Fellow Members By Checking Out These Threads On Pricing, Editing, Camera Repair, and More.

TheLoop is PPA’s social network for professional photographers to share their experiences and gain insights from the community. Any questions that you have as a professional photographer, theLoop is available to answer!

Here are the most popular threads on theLoop from this past week:

Ethical Dilemma With Business Clients

This Looper has a very specific problem, but the heart of his question relies on whether your client’s actions should affect your business relationship. Do you feel that anything that happens outside of your business should affect whether you continue to work with a client? Many Loopers had responses—read the post here to delve further into the situation. Share your advice with this Looper to help him out!

Pricing Sessions and Prints

The author of this thread is new to both the PPA community and the professional photography world. She’s looking for advice on pricing her sessions to help her on the road to creating a more profitable business. TheLoop did not disappoint! Experienced members informed the author about the PPA Business Challenge and the Benchmarking Survey, two helpful resources for offered through your PPA membership. Check out this thread today to share your advice with your new community member!

Has Anyone Else Had Problems With The Quality and QA of Nikon Repair?

This Looper has had some issues with her Nikon camera body. She was offered advice on sending parts to a manufacturer and how to place a repair request in a way that encourages the company to help you as quickly as possible. Do you have any tips that could help the author of this thread? Share your thoughts here!

Raw Image Request From Customers

This Looper received a request from his client for unprocessed images from a photo shoot. This controversial request received mixed reactions from the Loop community—many of you were in agreement with the author of the post that the edits in your images are a part of your service and any raw images should be private. However, others also said that photographers can get too hung up on the artistry of the business and forget the importance of turning a profit. What would you do in this situation? Let this Looper know—share to the thread today.

Best Program For Focus Stacking

This Looper has a question about the best program out there to use for stacking frames of macro images. Loopers gave great responses with suggestions for products and sharing their own experiences focus stacking. The most popular suggestion was for Helicon Focus software that many Loopers swore by as their focus stacking go-to. Do you have any programs to recommend? Visit this thread to share your insight and learn some tips for your own work.

Those are our most popular topics this week from theLoop! Thank you to everyone who makes theLoop such an active and constructive community especially for new PPA members who share their questions. For more articles like this, stay tuned every other week to hear more about theLoop’s hot topics!