See The Difference® Shareable Videos

See The Difference® is an online, print and social media consumer awareness campaign that aims to help consumers see the difference when evaluating an amateur vs. professional photographer. PPA members also get access to FREE marketing tools including videos, customizable brochures, logos, side-by-side comparisons, dedicated landing pages, consumer tips, social media tools, FAQs, and consumer quizzes.

One of these new tools are a few shareable videos. These videos are professional, high quality clips that can be streamed on your website, posted on your social pages or played in your waiting room. See The Difference videos are designed to appeal to consumers' emotions by showing real clients who share their stories and talk about why it's so important to hire (and pay for) a professional photographer. There are five categories of videos for you to choose from:
Why Hire a Pro?: includes 3 videos - See The Difference  Professional Photographers Make, Once-in-a-Lifetime Moments, and Why Hire a Certified Professional Photographer?
Wedding Photography: includes 3 videos - Wedding #PhotoFail, Wedding Photography is a Worthwhile Investment, and What's a Picture Worth?

Family Photography: includes 2 videos - Preserving Family Moments Forever and Moments You Can't Get Back.

High School Senior Photography: includes 3 videos - Seniors Show Who They Really Are, Once in a Lifetime Portraits, and Senior Yearbook Pictures.

Pet Photography: includes Furry Pals' Personalities Captured Forever.

If you haven't watched these videos, check them out today! They are short and sweet at only 1-3 minutes per video. Take a look and decide what's best to play on your website or to show in your studio! It is only by exposing consumers to professional grade work that they will learn to see the difference and value professional photography more. For more information on how you can link to the See The Difference resources from your website, visit