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January 23, 2018

Saying No to Cellphones, and Joining the BBB: Hot Topics on theLoop!

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theLoop is a great place for members to connect with each other, share information/advice, get image feedback, and overall - a place to go if you need help. Become a member so you can "stay in the loop", and if you already are, then head over to theLoop to see what everyone's buzzing about. 

Lots of great discussions have been happening, so here are a few of the top posts from the back-half of January. Check them out, provide some feedback, and perhaps even learn something new!

Saying no to cellphones:

When shooting an event, wedding, even portraits, this Looper is getting frustrated with people asking him "can you take one with my cellphone, also?" He's a nice guy and usually says yes, but it's really becoming an issue for him and he's considering a change of stance. Do you deal with this as well, and if so what's your typical response? 

Wording when customers pick up a product

This photographer is looking for wording to use when a customer picks up their product from the lab. Ideally, she'd like a written record that they received the items (album, wall art, etc.), and also possibly protect her in the event something comes up later. Got any suggestions? Join this conversation!

Whether to join the Better Business Bureau

This member is considering being a member of the BBB and wants to know your thoughts on it. Are you a member? Is it beneficial or not? Log in and let her know! 

And there you have 'em, the top posts from theLoop! Remember to check out theLoop frequently as new discussions are posted daily. It's a great way to catch up with fellow PPA members! Not a PPA member? Join today!