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March 09, 2016

Romantic Wedding Photo Tips, New See The Difference® Campaign Tool

See The Difference is PPA's online, print and social media awareness campaign that aims to help consumers "see the difference" when evaluating photographers ... and realize the importance of hiring a pro. The campaign is designed to give PPA photographers FREE marketing tools to help with their sales process and justify their costs, quality, and expertise.

As part of See The Difference, PPA periodically writes feature stories that are picked up by 1000s of national and regional online and print news organizations with the explicit goal of teaching consumers the value of choosing a professional for their photography needs.
Most recently, See The Difference provided 5 Tips to Ensure You Get Romantic Wedding Photos. The story was picked up by 1,059 online publications with a combined online audience of 57,978,514. Photos from PPA photographers were used to illustrate the story and further hone the importance of using professional photography. Check out the whole story from some of the many sites that are hosting the article: Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, The Baltimore Sun, and the Houston Chronicle.
Inside you'll find great info on these five tips for consumers along with some awesome photographic examples, like the one above © Ace Photography, provided by PPA photographers:
1. Let yourself be vulnerable

2. Don't risk putting your memories in the hands of amateurs

3. Put together a detailed shot list

4. Be daring

5. Be there for the magic hour

This is only one of 12 stories that PPA will push out each month in a proactive effort to show consumers that professional photographers are worth the investment.
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