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June 04, 2019

Rock ‘N’ Roll With It: Create Super Fans by Using Your Core Values to Define Your Purpose

PPAedu is highlighting another feature video from the new Bridging The Gap program that launched at Imaging USA 2019! This video is dedicated to helping you grow your photography business by finding your PURPOSE. Branding expert Brant Menswar, an award-winning musician and author of Rock 'N' Roll with It: Overcoming the Challenge of Change, challenges viewers to identify their core values to ultimately reveal ones' purpose.

In this video, Menswar shares a personal story that helped him identify his purpose. He also highlights how you can amp up customer commitment and create super fans by identifying your core values. He introduces four unique actions to implement in your business today that will help you grow your business tomorrow.

Four Principles

  1. Activating core values: Your values should not change. They are the anchors of your business that are acted upon on a daily basis.
  2. Amp up employee commitment and accountability: Align your core values with those who work for you. Hire people whose values align with yours.
  3. Align core values and employee sentiment: You and your employee’s values should align in order to work cohesively.
  4. Create a collaborative voice: Following the first three steps will bring you here. When you and your employees believe and value the same goal, one voice is formed.

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