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February 02, 2022

New Research Report: Insights on Pet Photography Consumers

There’s no denying it: pet photography is more popular today than ever before. Whether you’re already an established photographer in this genre or you’re just getting started, PPA has a brand new resource to help you understand pet photography consumers.

Understanding the market is just as important to your photography business as creating great images at competitive prices. That’s where the Consumer Insights: Pet Photography report comes in. It helps you anticipate consumer expectations and target your brand to the things your clients want. That’s no small task, but it's crucial for your business that you stay up to date on those expectations and desires. That way, you can appeal to the right clients and help them have a stellar experience with you as a professional photographer.

In this informative report, you’ll find data that tells you who buys pet photography, what type of pets they have, and what their motivations are. You’ll also find these key takeaways about pet photography consumers:

  • Consumers are inspired to purchase pet photography by their relationship with their pet. Special occasions and commemorative photography are major motivations and social media plays a big role in inspiration.
  • Your online presence (social media, website) is key to helping consumers choose you.
  • To reach potential customers, your marketing should highlight your experience, unique features, and value for cost.

And that’s just the beginning! The Consumer Insights: Pet Photography report includes more takeaways to help you hone your marketing and sales process, which in turn will make your photography business more appealing to a wider range of potential clients!

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