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July 11, 2023

Registration for the International Photographic Competition Is Open!

The time has come to submit your best images to the photographic competition! 


What is the “IPC?”

The International Photographic Competition (IPC) is an exciting bracket-style image competition consisting of multiple rounds of judging. Photographers from around the world have the opportunity to enter their finest images across 16 different categories, vying for a share of the $26,000 prize pool and the industry's most prestigious accolade, the Grand Imaging Award (GIA). The GIA comes with a trophy and a $10,000 cash prize. During the competition, images are placed in brackets and evaluated through head-to-head judging by a panel of expert jurors who assess the entries based on four criteria. The competition will be held live at Imaging USA 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky, where a knowledgeable MC will oversee the judging process and provide the audience with a deeper understanding of the proceedings.

Why should you enter?

This competition presents a fantastic opportunity for photographers to showcase their skills, enhance their photography techniques, and immerse themselves in the competitive spirit while pursuing awards. The entry fee is affordable, and there is a wide range of categories available to submit your images. Additionally, each of the 16 category winners will receive $1,000 and the esteemed title of Diamond Photographer of the Year. Begin entering the competition here!


Entry Dates

Registration for image submissions will be open from July 11 to September 5. 


Competition Resources

To learn more about the competition format, entry categories, rules, and other details, please visit our FAQs page, review the International Photographic Competition's Rules, and consider following the PPA Photographic Competition Facebook group for the latest updates and information about the event.