Reach New Heights In Your Photography Career With These Industry Tips and Tricks! Don’t Compare Yourself to Friends—Have Patience and Soon You’ll See Your Dream Career Manifest Before Your Eyes


How to Pursue Professional Photography On A Budget

In this Fstoppers article, Scott Choucino breaks down his rags-to-riches journey on the road to becoming a professional photographer. Choucino has risen in the industry from shooting for only $50 a day to owning his own studio. He’s here to tell you how this is all possible for anyone willing to have a little patience.

Choucino’s first bit of advice is to buy used equipment for your first camera body and lens. Work your way up to your dream gear. Don’t listen to those that say you need the latest trendy gadgets to be one of the pros!

Don’t think that you’ll only want to invest in gear. Choucino survived as in the industry for years using a $100 computer monitor, but at this point, he has several in use for his editing and post-processing needs. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a high-end tech set-up.

You don’t need to have these things right off the bat. Choucino describes the professional photographer’s journey from novice cameraman to master photographer as a “snowball effect.” It may seem impossible when you’re beginning your career to picture yourself buying your dream camera without completely breaking the bank, but Choucino advises to just trust the process and give yourself time for profits to rise: “As the jobs get bigger and the money starts to be more respectable, the cost of a new camera is far more negligible than purchasing your first one.”

The best takeaway from this article is to have patience. The process of building up your business requires time. It took Choucino decades to become the professional that he is today. Don’t let yourself worry about keeping up with others—you don’t need the latest and greatest gear to have a successful business. Work on developing your skill and the rest will fall into place.

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