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September 06, 2019

Put Your Email Marketing Skills into Overdrive: The Secret Was Right In Front of You this Whole Time

September 4, 2019

Everything in your business should be done with a purpose. Your email marketing to your clients should be no different. If you’re not putting in the same amount of effort in your photoshoots as in your email marketing strategy, then you need to rethink your marketing approach. Emails are the best platform to get information about your services out to the public. It’s time that you start taking advantage of them!

Why does email marketing matter?

Emails are the best way to reach all of your clients in one simple, customizable template. With the rise in social media engagement, not everyone is on the same platform, so it’s easy for a post to get lost in the algorithm. This is why an email is the best way to reach your clients, once you send them a message it’s stuck in their inbox until they remove it. In the Rising Tide’s article “3 Email Lists You Need in Your Database,” it stresses the importance of marketing your emails to your clients in 3 crucial category lists to optimize your business’s client retention. 

Each list divides your client’s engagement into three stages: prospective clients, current clients, and post-event clients. Throughout the email lists, it’s important to move your clients around as they move amongst your services, so they remember you after you’ve completed their shoots. To learn more about how to master email marketing strategies head on over to the article! 

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