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February 14, 2020

Product Studios Come in All Shapes and Sizes. Head Over to Mark Gilvey’s Studio to See What He Did With His!

Have you ever wondered what a product studio looks like? Well now's your chance to see one with your own eyes . . . Welcome to Mark Gilvey’s studio! 


Upon first glance, Gilvey’s studio comes off as incredibly sleek and polished. 

“Even though I'm in a warehouse, everything looks contemporary and generally neat and organized. I had my contractor paint everything, even the bare ceiling. It really looks sharp,” says Gilvey. 

Gilvey also added some other features to personalize his studio. 

“I have a library of books, mostly photo related, a magazine rack, coffee, and bottled water, but no one ever is here long enough to partake in them. It's more for a visual appeal, I think.”

To almost everyone, it may seem like just a regular studio from the outside, but Gilvey sees the studio from a different perspective.  

“For me, it's like a science lab. It's my environment for creating and discovering.”

On top of being Gilvey’s creative space, the studio also takes on another aspect of Gilvey’s life. 

“It's become part of my identity. Maybe the business could be run better but the space, the way it looks, how it's organized, I'm very proud of it.” 

Even though the studio has come together, there are still some technical details behind the business that Gilvey wants to improve on. 

“More needs to happen. I blame myself for not doing enough direct marketing. I can't go to social media for the type of work I do, I need to contact art buyers at companies directly, and I've been dragging my feet. It's a common problem amongst all small businesses; they get some work in so they think they're good to go, but they need to be marketing all the time.”

In hopes of earning more clients, Gilvey stresses how important it is to market oneself. 

“You need to keep learning so you can diversify your skillset. Chase Jarvis says ‘you should be marketing 75% of your time.’ I don't even give it equal time. Something to shoot for don't you think?”

He even recommends marketing yourself with the same energy as you put in to the work you do.

Gilvey also advises that photographers should brace themselves for whatever unexpected situations their business could be put through. 

“You absolutely need another income source. If you don't prepare for slow times, you may need to rely on a spouse, or your retirement fund to get you through.”


At the end of the day, there are always ways to improve one’s photography business and expand one’s clientele list. Gilvey will continue to grow his brand so that any potential clients will feel as reassured as anyone else who has stepped foot into the building.

“When a customer who needs product photos walks into my studio, they immediately understand they are in the right place.” 

If you’re ready to have your products photographed by the best, then make sure to head over to Mark Gilvey’s studio!

Thank you so much for your contribution, Mark! If you want to join the “What’s in Your Studio?” segment, feel free to head over to theLoop and comment in the thread with a photo of your studio and tell us what makes it unique!

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