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January 06, 2017

Product and Image Packaging, Photography Workshops, Cinematic Drone Footage, and the State of the Industry for 2017: Our Top Blog Posts From January 2-6!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Weekly_Top_Ten_text.jpgHappy New Year! 2017 is here and there's no better way to wrap up the first week of the new year than to kick back and soak up some inspiration with our top blog posts from the first week of the year!

Products and Packing for Your Images

PRESENTATION: In the art of photography the job doesn't stop after the flash. There are loads of hours that go into editing, printing and packaging, which can be difficult for some photographers. Read this article about why image and product packaging is so important, and how you can improve your methods to help your business.

Going to A Photography Workshop? Read This First

EDUCATION: Photography workshops can be very interesting and exciting, but if you're not adequately focused and prepared for what's to come, you may not maximize your takeaways. Get some of the best advice from a photography workshop expert on how to attentively attend a photography workshop and get the complete experience!

Client-Friendly Digital Licensing Framework

DIGITAL FILES: More and more clients are requesting digital files instead of actual prints, which can prove to be a problem for many photographers if they don't have a strategy for selling them. This guide provides methods for selling digital files that satisfies the client and the photographer. Check it out!

Where Things Are Headed In 2017

STATE OF THE INDUSTRY: As times change, so does business. So what does that mean for the world of photography? In order to stay ahead of the changes you have to look ahead and make a plan to adapt to changes. Read this article about what's to come in the photography industry for 2017 and how you can adapt!

'Break Free' - A Film Student's Tear Jerking Advertisement for an Old Pair of Shoes

INSPIRATION: Many of the commercials for apparel feature larger than life figures doing larger than life activities, but amazing people with extraordinary feats isn't the only way to advertise. German film student Eugen Merher took a more modest and heartfelt approach for advertising a pair of shoes.

Royal Photographic Society Honors Kate Middleton, Upsets Photographers

CRTICISM: With the rapid growth of technology and use of cameras, many people consider themselves photographers. However, for professionals who educate themselves in the art of photography and practice full-time this is quite the insult. Read this article about the roaring outrage stemming from The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, being honored as a photographer by the UK's Royal Photographic Society.

How to Combine Flash and Ambient Light for Better Outdoor Portraits

HOW TO:  Many outdoor photographers stick to natural lighting for their portraits, so the switch to flash photography can be difficult. In this article photographer Francisco Hernandez shows how combining ambient lighting with flash photography can produce better results than using one or the other. Watch how he does it!

How to Create a Dynamic Zoom Burst Photograph

TUTORIAL: Adding effects to photographs can be fun, except for when you don't necessarily know how. Check out this id-depth tutorial by Simon Bond on how to add amazing zoom burst effects to your photographs!

19 New Beginning Images for a Fresh Start to the Year

ORIGINALITY: A new year signifies different meanings for different people. Explore the meaning of the beginning of 2017 for these 19 photographers through their work! From maternity shots to victory laps these photos will inspire you to get started for 2017!

Cinematic Racing Drone Footage Shot While Flying Up a Mountain

DRONES: Drones are the latest and greatest in technological photographic innovation, and more photographers are beginning to take advantage of all of its uses. Check out this amazing cinematic drone footage of the east ridge of Switzerland's Hübschhorn Mountain!

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