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November 06, 2018

PPA’s Stance on Copyright Laws

PPA takes copyright seriously and constantly pushes for copyright reform in Washington D.C. Here are the main three things that PPA advocates for:

  1. Creation of a small claims process for copyright enforcement. Copyright infringement can be a difficult situation, considering that lawyers often won't take the case unless damages exceed $30,000. This is a non-starter for many photographers and creative artists because their infringement damages are often under $3,000. Along with that, these cases can only be taken to Federal Court. The creation of a small claims process would allow photographers who have been wronged the ability to have their case heard in front a tribunal, instead of going to Federal Court.
  2. Modification to copyright registration. Changing the process of visual arts registration to be simpler would allow photographers to easily register their images without the hours of hassle that are required currently.
  3. Granting the U.S. Copyright Office the resources and authority necessary to administer the law. The U.S. Copyright Office isn't awarded the power it needs to truly assist photographers. It requires improvements to registration processes and IT systems in order to ensure they are able to support photographers in protecting and claiming their copyrights.

Congress is constantly reviewing and adjusting laws, so it's important to keep up with the latest copyright news. As a photographer, the small claims process includes and helps you, so stay informed with PPA! We need everyone to support Small Claims so learn more and lend your voice today, and if you want more copyright advice, join PPA today!