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December 13, 2023

PPA’s Pet Photography Curriculum: A Path to Mastering the Craft

The bond between people and their pets is stronger than ever, with over 67% of American households owning at least one pet. This growing love for pets has spurred a significant increase in products and services tailored for our furry friends. This phenomenon, known as “pet humanization,” reflects the trend of treating pets as cherished family members or close friends. Alongside this, pet photography has emerged as a popular and rewarding avenue in the photography industry.


For those who adore animals and are passionate about photography, the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) offers an established and comprehensive pet photography curriculum on our education platform. This program is a fantastic resource for both novice and experienced photographers looking to hone their skills in this dynamic field.


The curriculum is crafted and led by experienced professionals in pet photography. Kim Hartz M.Photog.Cr., CPP, brings over a decade of expertise in the business, while Arica Dorff, Cr.Photog., shares her insights from a unique, mobile pet portrait business. The courses cover a wide range of essential topics, including:

  • Planning for a pet photography session
  • Understanding pet behavior and ensuring safe handling
  • Mastering pet posing techniques and selecting the right props
  • Building and running a profitable pet photography business
  • Effective marketing strategies for your pet photography services
  • Finding creative inspiration for your pet photography sessions

As a PPA member, you have exclusive access to this valuable curriculum. Dive into these online classes, assignments, and readings to elevate your pet photography skills and business acumen.


If you're not yet a member of PPA, sign up for a free account today for a preview of what our pet photography curriculum offers. Don't miss this opportunity to blend your love for animals with your photographic talent and create a thriving business in this flourishing niche!