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March 27, 2020

Time to Prepare Your Image Submissions for PPA’s District Competition. Get Valuable Feedback and Learn Where You Can Continue to Grow as a Photographer!

If you've ever wanted to enter your work into a photographic competition but felt you didn't have the time to prepare a submission, now is the time! You may not have started this year out planning to enter your work into a Photographic Competition, but now is a great time to pursue new things. The District Competition registration is now open until July 16th, which means you have plenty of time to learn more about how PPA's competitions work, which competition category is right for you, how to prepare and submit images, what makes a "winning" image and what judges are looking for! 


I have submitted many images and albums into Photographic competition. I found that after each one, I refined something in my shooting or post production that made me a better photographer and therefore allowed me to raise my prices with confidence -Jeff Dachowski, M.Photog.Cr., CPP 


PPA makes it easy to bring your best images forward and put your skills to the test while gaining invaluable feedback that can help you grow as a photographer. PPA’s Judges are experienced professionals in the photographic industry and understand the many qualities that allow an image to stand out. You won’t just be in competition with other professional photographers from your district, you’ll also be in competition with yourself. The feedback you'll recieve from competiton judges is meant to provide constructive advice to help you improve as a photographer by learning more about your current skill set and improve your overall craft! Okay, so maybe you're interested but aren't sure where to start, that's okay! We have lots of resources to help guide you throught the process! The first thing to do would be to familiarize yourself with the district competition rules so that you know how to ensure your submissions are eligible. The next step would be to figure out which of the three categories would best fit the images you are thinking about entering. 


There are three categories for the district competitions: 
  1. District Photographic Open Competition
  2. District Art Competition
  3. District Wedding Competition


You can enter up to 4 images, so don’t think you need to put all your time into a single image! We not only have the rules listed for you on our website, we also have details on the judging process, sample image critiques, 12 elements that make a merit image, video demonstrations, past winning images and more!


“I don't disagree that photographing wedding after wedding after wedding is a great way to build a portfolio. But if along the way, you decide to risk entry into a print competition, just to see what your peers think, and moreover, to see what your peers are entering, you might learn something that benefits you and your clients in the end.” - PPA Member Chris Smith, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.


Judging takes place at PPA’s Atlanta Headquarters and is streamed live online, accessible for anyone to join in and watch. After competition, you’ll receive valuable feedback from the judges that you can use to continue to improve on your craft. If you’d like to become a judge yourself, make sure that you register by September 4th to be considered for the position! Entering PPA's Photographic Competitions also allows you to work towards receiving  merits toward PPA degrees


No matter what your photography specialization or how many years you’ve worked as a professional photographer, you’ll be able to grow technically and creatively when you enter PPA's District Competition. If you were already planning to enter, you now have the unique opportunity to spend more time on your submissions and refine your images to ensure you’re putting your best work forward. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to grow! 

Register for the district competitions from now until July 16th by 5pm EST.