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February 07, 2019

PPA’s 2019 D.C. Trip! Copyright Updates & the Fight for Photographers’ Rights


5:05 pm


We just wrapped up a great second day in D.C. As many of you know, its been a minute since we have been to the Senate side for meetings about the CASE Act.  After lunch, we met with Senator Kamala Harris’s office of California. This was our first time meeting with this office and we wanted to get in and lay the foundation for the CASE Act and bring the office up to speed about the latest happenings. Another reason we wanted to stop by this office is that Senator Harris has a huge interest in fighting for the little guy! During this meeting, we had a great discussion as to why the CASE Act would be beneficial and how much it would help not only photographers but also graphic designers, bloggers, etc. We hope that we can continue to work with the senator’s office and eventually hope that she will be a supporter of CASE.

After leaving Senator Harris’s office we visited Sen. John Cornyn of Texas. This is the first time we have met with this office's new staff and we know how important property rights are to the senator. We had a great discussion explaining CASE. This was a very preliminary meeting, but one that we consider a great start to building a relationship with the senator.

We ended the day with Senator Durbin’s office of Illinois. We have met with this office many times before and wanted to make it a point to stop by and thank them for all their support, and also provide them with the most updated status of the bill. This was a fairly quick but important meeting. We know that Senator Durbin is a huge supporter of Intellectual Property, especially copyright and we hope that we get to the opportunity to work with him closely.

We had a great set of meetings this trip and we have plenty of follow up to do. We also heard that members of Congress want to continue to hear from you, their constituents, on why the CASE act is so important. Continue to send your letters and keep a lookout for more Calls to Action in the near future! 

9:45 am

Good Morning PPA! After a great series of meetings yesterday we are even more excited to get started today! As David mentioned in our Facebook Live this morning, we are meeting with various Senate offices. We are turning our attention to the Senate side so that we can encourage them to introduce the CASE Act on the Senate side as well. This means we need more supporters and more allies to make this happen! We have gotten some great initial interest and PPA wants to make sure we follow up! 

We are going to start the day meeting with Senator Hirono of Hawaii. It’s been a minute since we have met with this office and want to make sure we circle back and update them on all the great work happening on small claims! We will lay the foundation as to why small claims is important how it can help small creators and why we need the Senator's support!

We have plenty of great meetings planned for today! So keep an eye out for more updates!


3:47 pm 

Today we started the day at the Copyright Office. We took the opportunity to meet with Karyn Temple and other members of the Copyright Office team to help continue the conversation about small claims and modernization. These meetings allow a great free-flow of thoughts and insights that normally would not be communicated via Notice of Inquires or other written communications. With so much work to do, we hope that we can continue to build on this relationship help create a copyright system that works for all, including small creators! 

After leaving the Copyright Office, we stopped by Representative Doug Collins’ office. When on Capitol Hill we like to stop by Representative Collins’ office to touch base on small claims, but the game plan could potentially be for the year, and if there is anything else the small creator community need to do to make sure this is a success!

We have a small break before we go on to meet with Representative Hakeem Jeffries' office. As a reminder, Representative Jeffries is one of the original co-sponsors of the CASE Act. We want to make sure that we are all on the same page and get an update on small claims.

As a reminder, tomorrow will be our first day on the Senate side in a long time, and we are meeting with some great offices. We will take this opportunity to lay the foundation on why small claims is necessary and hopefully convince a few of them to sponsor legislation similar to the House side!

8:30 am

Your PPA Advocacy Team is off to D.C for its first trip of the year! During this trip we plan to accomplish a couple of different things:

  • Today we are meeting with Karyn Temple. If you were at Imaging USA this year or watched our Facebook Live, you know that Karyn is the acting Register of Copyrights, the head of the United States Copyright Office. We had the opportunity to have many great conversations with her and by having a meeting with her today we hope to continue this dialogue and see what else the small-creator community can do to make sure that the copyright system works for all.
  • After meeting with Karyn, we will spend the next day and a half meeting with key supporters in the House and key members of the Senate. For our House supporters, we are going to urge them to reintroduce the CASE Act and get it ready for a mark-up as soon as possible. On the Senate side, we are going to talk to various Senators as to why the CASE Act is so important! By having simultaneous conversations with both sides we are hoping both chambers will introduce the CASE Act quickly and it will become law by the end of this congressional term.

We are about to board our flight for an action-packed two days. Stay tuned for more updates!