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October 16, 2019

PPA Updates from the Copyright Fight in Washington D.C.

Today we had back to back meetings all day with Senate offices.

For our series of meetings about the CASE Act we were joined by ACG (representing the Songwriter’s Guild of America and the Author’s Guild) and ASMP. Next, we were joined by the Copyright Alliance and the American Bar Association. 

This meeting was with Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina. We actually met him for a picture because every Wednesday he does a meet & greet with his constituents. Hopefully, he’ll be a co-sponsor soon!

While we were waiting for our next meeting with his staff, we were greeted by Sen. Mitch McConnell himself. Not too long afterward, we discussed the CASE Act with his staffer. 

Meeting #5 of the day was just PPA and ASMP and we had to shift gears to discuss our next big project, modernization of the Copyright Office. Since this is an office that has co-sponsored the CASE Act, we also gave them a brief update on everything that has happened with the bill and our earlier meetings  

  • Modernization is referring to ways to help the US Copyright Office run more efficiently through the assessment of current procedures, IT systems, and other areas.

Our 6th and final meeting was with Sen. Kennedy’s office to give them updates and to discuss how to increase the number of Senate co-sponsors.

This trip has provided a really interesting look into how various offices respond to different messages about the CASE Act. For some offices, they are really interested to hear infringement stories and seem to be impacted by them whereas others are more focused on the structure of the bill itself and have more questions about the functionality of the small-claims process. 

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