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October 16, 2019

PPA Updates from Capitol Hill on the Fight for Copyright CASEact

October 16, 2019, 9:00 am

Your PPA Advocacy Team is back in Washington D.C. to continue gathering support for the CASE Act. The goal is to create a small claims process for copyright infringement cases, empowering the average content creator to be protected by copyright for the first time. 

Yesterday we had three meetings with House staffers. We were joined by the American Continental Group, Inc. advocacy group (representing the Songwriter’s Guild of America and the Author’s Guild) and the Copyright Alliance. The meetings all seemed very positive, which is good news considering that we’re hoping for a floor vote on the 21st (there’s a chance that the date may change but we’re hoping it sticks). The last meeting we had yesterday was actually the result of a staffer following up with us. 

Also yesterday, we got two new co-sponsors in the Senate! Sen. Chuck Grassley from IA and Sen. Mike Braun from IN now bring the number to 17 total sponsors in the Senate. We also got another co-sponsor in the House, Rep. Robert Alderholt, district 4 of Alabama. Now we have a total of 129 sponsors in the House!

We have meetings on the Senate side today starting at 9:30. More updates to follow! 

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