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June 05, 2018

PPA Membership Helps Photographers Stay Healthy (and Save Time) with ‘Call a Doctor Plus’

As a busy photographer, the last thing you need is to get sick right before a big session with a client. But if by chance you do get sick, PPA has the perfect solution to get you back on your feet. 

Call a Doctor Plus (CADR+) is a 24/7 telemedicine service that provides access to hundreds of U.S. certified doctors, who can give PPA members consultations and simple prescriptions, all from the comfort of your home!

CADR+ is not health insurance, but is a very useful resource that helps with your day-to-day health needs. There is no copay, deductible, or even a per-call charge. CADR+ simply connects you with the doctor by phone or online in matter of 30 minutes or less. You don't even have to wait on the line: they call you back!

If you do get diagnosed with the flu or something a little bit more than the common cold, the doctor can inform you right there. After the doctor gets an understanding of what is wrong, a prescription is then sent to your local pharmacy. 

This amazing medical resource saves a lot of time, stress, and money (remember: no copay, no deductible, and no parking fees!). Are you still not convinced? CADR+ allows you to include up to 5 people on the program with no extra charge. And when you are a PPA member, CADR+ is only $8.95/month, which is 60% off the regular Call A Doctor Plus $24.95/month rate! 

Again, it is important that you note CADR+ is not health insurance, but a way to help with day-to day health needs. Join PPA to take advantage of this and many other benefits for working photographers!