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November 15, 2017

PPA is in D.C….Fighting for Artists’ Rights! Live Updates

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4:00 pm 

We just finished up our first day of meetings and we're off to a great start! We started our day with Rep. Richmond of Louisiana. During this meeting, we took the time to update the office about small claims, and provide a summary of what the small-claims bill entails. They showed a great amount of interest and have asked for more information so that they can study the bill in more detail. They have also asked for an approximate number of photographers in Louisiana to fully understand the impact that the small-claims bill will have in their district. We will continue to work with Representative Richmond's office and hope that he will sign on as a co-sponsor soon. 

After meeting with Representative Richmond's office, we moved on to meet with Representative Lofgren's office of California.  We haven't met with this office in a long time and thought it would be a good time to touch base since we had the introduction of the bill. During this discussion, some great ideas and concerns came up, including the constitutionality of certain provisions. We were also happy to see that Representative Lofgren's office understands the need for a small-claims process and fully sees this as a possible remedy for photographers.  

After meeting with Lofgren's office, we went on to meet with Representative Bigg's office of Arizona. We met with this office after a long absence and wanted to take the opportunity to have them become more familiar with the small-claims bill. This was a great touch-point meeting, and we are planning on circling back to this office soon. 

We are done with our meetings for the day. We have plenty of great potential co-signers and hope that the interest in the small-claims bill continues to grow. In the meantime, do not forget to contact your representative and urge them to support small claims!

10:00 am:  PPA is off to D.C once again to continue to fight for your copyrights! As many of you remember, we are in the middle of urging representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 3945 (CASE ACT).

We are going to start the day off meeting with Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California. This is one of the first times we will be meeting with her office in regards to the Small-Claims bill. We are aware that Rep. Lofgren has her hesitations about H.R. 3945 and we are hoping to meet with her and ease some of her concerns and answer many of her questions.

After meeting with Representative Lofgren we are heading to Rep. Richmond of Louisiana. We have met with Rep. Richmond before but had not had a chance to touch base with him since the introduction of H.R 3945. We hope to bring him up to speed on the status of the bill and answer any questions that he may have.

After meeting the Representative from Louisiana, we will go on to meet with Rep. Biggs of Arizona. We met with the Representative's office earlier this year and they ask that we keep them up to date on the Small-Claims bill. Since the bill was introduced last month we thought it would be a good time to swing by again to fill them in on Small Claims and urge them to sign on a co-sponsor. 

We have a flight to catch, but stay tuned for more updates! And, as always, don't forget to contact your representative at You can send as many letters or make as many calls as you want!