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July 18, 2018

PPA in D.C.: Fighting for Copyright

4:00 pm

We started the day with the Copyright Office and met with the Register of Copyright, Karyn Temple. During the meeting, we took the opportunity to discuss small claims and see if there was anything more she could suggest. We were happy to meet the Copyright Office and wanted to thank them for all their support. 

We next met with Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia. This meeting was to discuss the progress of small claims and as always thank him for his guidance and support. 

We have a small break right now since there are a lot of votes going on today. But we will be right back at it shortly! 


7/18 9:45 am 

Your PPA Advocacy Team is back in D.C lobbying for your copyright protections! We have some great meetings lined up today. Then tomorrow we will have three of our members joining us to continue the lobbying efforts.

Today we start our day with the Copyright Office and its current Register, Karyn Temple. We want to make sure we stay in touch with the Copyright Office to make sure that we are on track and have their continued support for small claims.

Our next set of meetings will be with representatives that are good friends, and others that we haven't had the opportunity to visit recently. These meetings will include Reps. Collins of GA, Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin and Jeffries of New York.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep sending your letters!