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March 02, 2023

PPA Announces New Canon Wedding Curriculum

Are you passionate about capturing the most special moments in a person’s life?  If you are considering turning your passion for Wedding photography into a career, then look no further. PPA has meticulously designed a Wedding curriculum aimed at providing a comprehensive structure to guide professionals like you on their journey to building a successful Wedding photography business. The new wedding curriculum is sponsored by Canon and features well-versed and exceptionally skilled PPA instructors and photographers – Mike Dawkins, Lauren Mihae, and Vanessa Joy. The curriculum aims to provide an in-depth experience of what it takes to run a successful Wedding photography business.


With the help of tried-and-true business fundamentals, you’ll gain a solid grasp of business workflow and organization. You’ll also learn how to develop your creative vision, manage your personal and business finances, and create photography packages and a pricing system that fits your goals. You can also expect lessons on posing and lighting, as well as customer service, marketing, and branding for your business.  


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