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May 17, 2019

New Cease & Desist Template for Photographers Added

A new addition to PPA's contract templates isnt a contract at all! A cease and desist letter is a notice that a photographer can send informing the other party of some harm that is being experienced.

Cease and Desists come in handy in a photographer’s case if they:

  • see an image they created being used without permission
  • find their business name being used by someone else
  • have their name slandered

The cease and desist letter does a great job of explaining what harm is occurring, and why the person needs to cease causing said harm. This is also a great way to get someone‘s attention after repeated attempts to work with them have been ignored.

The cease and desist template on PPA's website can be used in bits and pieces, or as an entire letter, depending on the situation.

Head to to download this new template!