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September 28, 2018

Post Your Photos From PC to Instagram in 4 Steps

Many professional photographers use social media to market themselves by displaying their art - but posting photos, particularly on Instagram, can be a hassle.

Typically, it involves transferring pictures from your PC to your phone, and ensuring the photos don’t lose quality in the process. The good news is, according to TJ McCue, there’s a way to post your pictures directly from your PC!

Instagram is primarily built for mobile devices, which works great for selfies but not as easily for photographers who use professional cameras. With four easy steps, McCue explains how you can post your DSLR-quality images to Instagram without needing your phone. All you need is the Google Chrome browser or any (preferably free) online scheduling tool for social media.

All the details are in this article on Forbes. Join Professional Photographers of America to get tons of support for your photography business and to read more photography articles!