Photography School Closings, New Photography Lenses, and a Tower Lit by 2,800 People: Our Top Blog Posts From Sept. 19-23


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Fall has officially arrived! So as you bid adieu to summer and prepare for temperatures to cool, take some time to read our top blog posts from the week of September 19!

See The Difference: NEW Customizable Brochures

MARKETING & BRANDING HELP: See The Difference is PPA's campaign that offers tools that help photographers market themselves to clients as true professionals. There are several different resources, and now the customizable brochures are new. Read about the new brochures, and other See The Difference resources available to PPA members.

Long Exposure Photography Without a Tripod

LANDSCAPE: Getting the perfect shot can be difficult when it comes to landscape photography. There's a lot of technique and equipment involved. See how this photographer achieved amazing long exposure photographs of landscapes using his steady hand, instead of a tripod.

NILMDTS - Photographer Recruitment Month

PHILANTHROPY:  Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a great way for photographers to lend their services to make a bigger difference than they know in the lives of families. Read this article about how photographers feel about their volunteer experiences.

The Power of Repeat Business

BUSINESS: Photography is artistic in nature but there is a science to the business, and when the two combine the result is success. Read this article about the importance of combining art and business to create lifetime clients for photographers. 

How to Save Drafts in Instagram

TIPS: Did you know it's possible to save a draft you were working on in Instagram? Here's their own helpful how-to so you never have to start all over again! Note: If you don't edit the post, tag people or add a caption or location, you won't be able to save the post as a draft.

How To Precisely Color Grade Photos With Complementary Colors

COLOR GRADE: Sometimes photographers capture the perfect shot with a great color scheme, but the surrounding colors don't compliment the subject very well. See how this photographer corrects color scheme problems by color grading with complementary colors.

Photography School Closings: Not a Reflection on the Photography Business

PHOTOGRAPHY LEARNING IS ALIVE & WELL: Although prominent photography schools around the country are closing, it doesn't mean that the business of photography is obsolete. Professional photography is bigger than ever. Read all about the success in the business in this post. 

Tower Lit by 2,800 People with Flashes and Flashlights

CREATIVITY:  Every year the Rochester Institute of Technology creates a 'Big Shot' in a creative way. This year, the institute lit the 19-story Kodak tower with flashes and flashlights from 2,800 people. See how the photo turned out, and what it looked like without the lighting. 

The Beautiful Process Behind Erik Johansson's Surreal Images

WORKFLOW: Erik Johansson is known for creating breathtaking surreal images. Watch this video that follows him as he goes through the process of creating his most recent masterpiece.

How To Guarantee Referrals In Your Photography Business

REFERRALS: Advertising to clients has become easier than ever in a world full of ever evolving technology. But it's not the only way to get clients. More and more photographers are looking to referrals to gain new clients. But how do they do it? Read this article about how to successfully gain clients through referrals.  

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