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August 04, 2017

Photographer Awarded $1 Million in Lawsuit, Shooting Tethered, and Using Content Aware Fill: Our Top Blog Posts For July 31 - August 4

As we wind down the first week in August, take a minute to enjoy this week's top photography

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 stories from around the web! 

They Trashed Their Wedding Photographer Over a $125 fee, So a Jury Told Them to Pay Her $1 Million

PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS: Here's some great news for wedding photographers! Texas photographer Andrea Polito was defamed on social media by a wedding client, causing her to lose her studio and fold her business. Well, score one for the little guy - the court recently awarded Polito $1 million for the defamation! Read all about it on the Washington Post. And remember that PPA's Indemnification Trust can help you with dissatisfied clients if this situation ever arises for you. 

Winners of the 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY/INSPIRATION: The Atlantic has a collection of photos from the winner and honorable mentions of National Geographic's Travel Photographer of the Year contest. There's some stunning imagery in the collection; take a look and be inspired! 

Shooting Tethered Pays Off: A Guide for Photographers

TETHERING: If you're thinking about tethering your camera during photo shoots, check out this guide from PetaPixel. It shares some good tips for success when shooting tethered. 


A Detailed Look At How a DSLR Shutter Works

PHOTOGRAPHY TECH: Have you ever wondered how the shutter on your DSLR works? PetaPixel has a look at the inner workings of a DSLR shutter that any photographer will find interesting. 


The One Good Reason to Choose Greyscale

USING GREYSCALE: If you struggle with deciding when to put a photograph in greyscale, this post from Digital Photography School may offer some insight to help you. It discusses the situations when a photograph may benefit from greyscale.