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December 29, 2017

Happy New Year! Our Top Blogs from 2017

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2017 was quite a year! From Imaging USA in San Antonio to the opening of district submissions for photographic competition, the past year was jam-packed with ways for photographers like you to Be More and we hope you took full advantage of it. As we look forward to 2018 and all the surprises it will bring, let's take a look back at a dozen of our best blogs from the last year... the stories, tips and shout-outs that continue to make PPA the place for real professional photographers. 

PPA and NYIP: Raising the Bar for Photography 
2017 started off strong with the New York Institute of Photography announcing their offering of the CPP degree for their students! Just one more way PPA is helping to elevate the photographic community. 


2017 Diamond Photographers
Check out all of last year's Grand Imaging Award winners in this gallery...and get ready for the 2018 ceremony at Imaging USA in Nashville, Jan. 14-16! 


Imaging 2017 Videos 

Speaking of Imaging USA, relive all the fun from San Antonio with these videos from 2017. Want to attend the Imaging USA 2018 trade show for FREE? Pick up you FREE EXPO PASS today! Just enter code TSC2018 at checkout. 

Create a Marketing Plan for Your Photography Business in These Five Easy Steps
There were several blogs published this year that dealt with marketing for photographers. Dive back in and learn how to tackle an all-important but too-often-ignored piece to your photography business. 

4 Steps to Success with the Business Challenge 

PPA's Business Challenge provides photographers with the info and tools they need to develop the foundation for a more profitable business over the course of one year. 2017 was a banner year for the program. Read about it and join now


A Mind Map of the 12 Elements on 
We always share the best stories from Professional Photographer magazine, and this is no exception. Check out a mind map of what the judges are looking for in PPA photographic competition! 

Drone Waivers and YOU: What you Need to Know!
The FAA introduced a string of waivers that enable you to fly your drone in special circumstances. PPA Today did a whole series about them and how they may (or may not!) apply to you. 

PRINT. The Movement Starts with YOU! 
Printing options are changing and PPA wants you to be on the forefront of the change. Knowing how to sell final, printed products to your clients will take you to the next level as a professional. Learn more about the PRINT Movement and how you can take part now. 


How to Get More Photography Clients with Marketing SEO
Wait! Don't run away! Social Engine Optimization can be daunting and photographers might not even know what it is...but it could wind up being an extremely important component to your business! Learn what you need to know in another great marketing blog from PPA Today. 

My Photographs Were Used Without My Permission: Now What? 
Copyright issues are always front-of-mind at PPA. Here's a basic, yet vital, blog on what to do when the infringment comes for you! 

New Copyright Small-Claims Bill Hits Congress! It's Copyright 'Go Time'! Contact Your Representative to Support HR 3945! 
The Copyright Small-Claims Bill that we've been waiting for hit the floor of the House of Representatives this fall. It's now time to mobilize and help us get this pushed past the finish line! Read up on the bill and send your congressperson a letter now (it's VERY easy and takes one minute!). 

10 Things You Need to Know About Photography Service Contracts: A Simple Guide for Professional Photographers 

You need to know how to protect your work and ensure your clients gets what they need. Here are 10 guidelines to think about for contracts you'll need as a professional.