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June 17, 2020

Ontrack and PPA: New, Lower Deductibles for Data Loss Recovery Services

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) upgrades benefits to help its members cope with data loss


With so much of photographers’ work now taking place online, it’s never been more obvious how much technology failures can hinder their business and client relationships. PPA, the largest nonprofit trade association for photographers, announced today that it is upgrading data loss recovery benefits for its 30,000 members. The improved data recovery assistance, made possible by a new partnership with Ontrack, cuts deductible prices in half for PPA members.

As part of the association’s Indemnification Trust, data loss recovery services for photographers are available to PPA members based in the U.S. and Canada. No other organization—nonprofit or private—offers such robust protection as part of its Canadian and U.S. membership. PPA’s Indemnification Trust also provides legal support should a dissatisfied customer take legal action against a photographer, such as when a client claims the photographer was negligent in providing their services. This includes data losses, missed shots, or simply because the client had a negative experience. Assistance ranges from advice on handling matters, to direct intervention and offsetting certain costs or losses.

The new partnership with Ontrack allows PPA to offer its members significant savings. Here's the overview: 

                                           Previous Deductibles

          1st Claim                 $ 200

          2nd Claim                $ 500

          3rd Claim                 $ 1,000

New Deductible (with Ontrack)

$ 100

$ 200

$ 400

Savings for PPA members

50% off

60% off

60% off

The Indemnification Trust is administered by Meadows, Macie & Sutton, one of the most experienced law firms in the world when it comes to helping professional-level photographers.

“We understand how critical photo recovery is to members of the PPA,” said Philip Bridge, president of Ontrack, LLC. “Ontrack’s global team is ready to provide PPA members with exceptional data recovery service. By leveraging over 35 years of experience in the business, we’ve helped thousands of photographers, Photoshop professionals, and graphic designers recover their work from non-functional or damaged hard drives, and reformatted or broken camera cards.”

As the pioneer in the data recovery service industry since 1985, Ontrack operates 22 global laboratories staffed with 120+ engineers and a dedicated research and development team. PPA member benefits, made possible through the partnership, include: discounted rates on all data recovery services, no charge if the files are unrecoverable, and no cost shipping to Ontrack’s facilities and data loss evaluations. "Our partnership with Ontrack makes data recovery more affordable for our members," PPA Director of Member Value and Experience Kristen Hartman said. "And as with all our benefits, it's another way we can help professional photographers to feel secure and supported, especially during uncertain times. Improving our members’ businesses and lives is always at the core of what PPA does."

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