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July 28, 2017

Online Education: The Drone Photographer Certification Program


Calling all drone photographers! If you are a PPA member that wants to expand your business by incorporating professional drone photography into your product offerings, consider becoming a Certified Drone Photographer!

The Certified Drone Photographer designation is the official credential for photographers that want to set themselves apart within the drone photography industry. It assures potential clients of a photographer's knowledge, experience, competence, and ability, as well as a compliance with all legal and safety considerations pursuant to operating drone equipment. 

Basically, it assures that not only can you fly a drone legally and knowledgeably, but you can also capture excellent photographs while doing it!

Photographers who earn their Certified Drone Photographer credential do so to demonstrate their expertise in flying drones and taking photographs from drones, gain an edge in advertising their services, and further justify the price of their services.

To qualify for the certification, you have to be a PPA member and have the following: 

FAA Section 333 Certificate OR Remote Pilot Certificate (Part 107)Proof of General Liability InsuranceUAS Registration NumberLogbook summarizing 30 hours of Flight Time

After that, you simply have to apply for the exam! Once you pass, you will have earned your Certified Drone Photographer designation. For more information or to get started on your path to drone photography certification, head to!