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March 21, 2022

Elevate Your Craft: Become a Certified Professional Photographer or Certified Drone Photographer!

Doctors, lawyers, even plumbers—no matter the profession, customers understand the value of credentials. Photographers are no exception. That's where PPA Certification (Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) or Certified Drone Photographer) comes into play. Your prospective clients may not understand the ins and outs of your craft, but they always appreciate the value of a credentialed professional.

What Is a Certified Professional Photographer? 

The CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) designation is the official credential for photographers that want to set themselves apart within the photography industry. The CPP program from PPA assures potential clients of a photographer's knowledge, experience, and ability to develop new skills and techniques. In other words, it is a declaration of your professional competence and ability. And because many photographers enter the industry with lots of passion but not necessarily a lot of formal education, the CPP program gives you a solid foundation to take your craft to new heights.

Why Become a Certified Professional Photographer?

Photographers who earn their CPP credential do so for three primary reasons:

  • It gives them an edge in advertising their services, as certification promotes trust in clients' and consumers' minds.
  • It's a way to justify the price of services offered by the industry's top photographers.
  • The peer validation step signals to the photography world that you genuinely care about your craft.

In simple terms, becoming certified helps you sell your abilities as a photographer. Need more convincing? Here are the benefits of becoming a Certified Professional Photographer as told by PPA Member Aly Kuler:

You don't need a certification to be a professional, but I wanted to elevate myself from the crowd. As a self-taught photographer, I wanted to see if I was on the right path and to educate myself more. The CPP process has doubled my skills and knowledge of photography. It added finesse to my style and huge confidence in my business. And as a result, it added value to my business and helped me increase my prices.

How to Become a Certified Professional Photographer

The journey to becoming a Certified Professional Photographer is a simple, 3-step process:

  1. Declare your candidacy to PPA.
  2. Study for and pass the CPP exam.
  3. Submit a set of images for official review.

Once images are approved, the photographer will officially earn the title of Certified Professional Photographer. Ready to get started? To take the first step to become a CPP or Certified Drone Photographer, visit