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March 07, 2023

What’s New On theLoop?

An essential part of growing as a photographer and business owner is being able to ask the unfiltered questions you need answers to in a supportive environment. Photographers use theLoop to connect, share information, advice, and connect with community in a judgement-free zone. Here are some top posts on marketing, branding, and public speaking for photographers! Start your own discussion post today, or chime in with your own answers on theLoop.


Quality Over Quantity 
How can this member best satisfy their clients without changing their initial image quantity and price? 


Break a Leg
This photographer has been invited to give a talk at a Toastmasters club. Nerves aside, how do they nail their speech and build business connections through this opportunity?


Leap of Faith
How can you successfully launch your services as a brand photographer? How is this type of photography similar to and different from Commercial photography?


Legal Conundrum
What do you do when your client violates the terms of your contract? What if you don't have a contract to begin with?


Marketing Platforms for Photographers
What marketing platform can help this photographer use to improve their SEO ranking and manage their social media?