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October 18, 2023

October Recommended Reading: Fluorescence Photography, Supermoons, and Fall Colors!

Photographers draw inspiration from what is around them and as their surroundings change, their work is influenced as well. Fall, harvest season, spooky season, autumn—whatever you call it, is a time of transitions and change. Lean into fall with these hand-picked articles for photographers!  


Underwater Fluorescence Photography 
Fluorescence is magical. It transforms light from one wavelength to another and capturing it through photography comes with special requirements.


Landscape Composition Tips and Ideas for Photographers
Like most photographers, the best travel and landscape photographers rely on (and sometimes break) general rules of composition to enhance their photography. Learn the essential landscape photography composition tips and ideas to help you elevate your pictures.


Meta Trained its New AI Using Public Instagram and Facebook Posts
The use of public information to train AI has been a hot topic of discussion for some time now. Meta recently announced a suite of new AI features that range from editing tools in Instagram to a new AI assistant named Meta AI. How is this likely to play out in a court of law when copyrighted materials are used?


How to Photograph Fall Colors
Capturing fall colors occur on different dates, even in the same location. Learn how to time your fall photoshoots around location, weather, direction of light, and more.


Photography Is Now a Prescribed Mental Health Treatment In the UK
The United Kingdom will now allow photography to be prescribed for mental health treatment as part of a new pilot program from Wex Photo Video.


Photographer Captures All Four Supermoons in 2023
Indian photographer Soumyadeep Mukherjee captured four consecutive supermoons between July and September, along with a super blue moon in August.


Adobe Wants 1,000 Photos of Bananas to Help Train its AI Image Generator
Adobe Stock has put a call out for 1,000 photos of bananas to help train its AI image generator — And the company is offering $60.


Interview: Ci Demi on the quiet tension of the urban landscape
Ci Demi has spent most of the past decade discovering how to document the life and landscapes of his home city, Istanbul, and has developed a unique pastel street style that is at once both comforting and unsettling.


How To Step Up Your Auto Photography: Circular Polarizers
Shooting automobiles well is deceptively challenging. Luckily, there are simple ways to make your life easier and make your automotive photography feel less disposable-camera and more Road & Track cover shoot.


Photographer Buys and Restores Treasure Trove of Centuries-Old Slides
A photographer who bought a box of “dirty and dusty” photographic slides for $33 (£27) at an auction was amazed at the quality of the images that are believed to have been taken at the beginning of the 20th century.