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November 02, 2020

October Blog Round-Up: Creating a Holiday Content Plan, Lighting Tips, and More

Photography is a constantly changing industry. With that in mind, we’ve selected a few articles to help members gain ideas and inspiration for their business and craft as we enter the final months of 2020. We hope you find them useful!

Create a Holiday Content Plan

For photographers, the holiday season can be hectic to say the least, and this year has its own unique challenges. Consumer behavior has shifted away from in-person buying towards digital alternatives. That means having a plan in place to bolster your business during the coming months is more important now than ever.
Get your Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms holiday-ready by creating a Holiday Content Plan. One way to figure out what your audience enjoys is to poll them to get a better idea of the content that speaks the most to them. To do this, you could ask questions like:

  • What’s your biggest concern going into this holiday season?
  • How can a brand help simplify your holiday season?
  • What are you looking forward to this holiday season?
  • Which products do you want to see bundled for gift-giving?
  • What would help you as an online shopper?
  • What are some of your favorite holiday memories?

Head over to Planoly for more tips on creating an effective content plan for the holiday season.

Lighting Tips for Environmental Portraits

As we move towards colder months, here are some creative lighting tips for environmental portraits indoors. Environmental portraits are a nice alternative to a traditional headshot; they combine editorial and journalistic styles to create a compelling image of the subject that tells their unique story.

Check out these creative lighting tips from Expert Photography.

2020 Nikon Small World Winners

Although the subjects of these photographs might be hard to identify upon first glance, the images are stunning nonetheless. As this article from DIY Photography says, “Nikon Small World is one of those contests that shows us the world around us in a completely different light. They reveal a stunning microscopic view of animals, plants, insects, and humans.

Now in its 46th year, the Nikon Small World competition received over 2,000 entries from scientists, artists, and hobbyists across 90 countries. I believe that the judges had a tough task of choosing the best. The panel of judges evaluated the photos on originality, informational content, technical proficiency, and visual impact.”

Click here to see the top images from this year’s content.

Apple Launches iPhone 12 

With the launch of the new iPhone 12 comes new camera updates as well. Stabilization, new computational photography abilities, and better telephoto reach for distant subjects are some of the features photographers will find most useful.

Click here to read about the new features of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro at CNET.


Restored and Colorized Photographs of US Presidents

On PetaPixel, James Berridge writes: "I’ve been restoring and also coloring historical photographs for a little over two years. Towards the end of last year, I received a request to work on an image of Abraham Lincoln. Little did I know, this request would change the direction of my work forever.

I posted the completed, now full-color, image of Lincoln online, and I was really surprised by the response it received. The comments in particular really caught me off guard. Multiple times I got, in essence, the same response: 'I’ve never really been able to see Abraham Lincoln as an actual person before now.'"

Read about James’ experience restoring and colorizing photographs of US Presidents, and see the finished article, over at PetaPixel.