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April 03, 2020

Now is the Time to Get Creative and Stay Motivated: 57 Free Resources, New Lighting Techniques, and a Look at the Inspirational Legacy of a Photography Icon

This week’s article round-up is focused on resources and inspiration to help you continue to invest in your photography career.


“Remarkably Talented: The Epic Photography of Kenny Rogers”

The photography community recently lost Kenny Rogers, an influential figure, who spread his creative talents across multiple artistic communities. This article by Thomas Hobbes written for the Guardian details Rogers’ photography career and the valuable pieces of advice he received along the way. One of the best pieces of wisdom passed down to Rogers came from portrait photographer George Hurrell who taught Rogers all about the stolen moment: talking the subject into a vulnerable expression and then shooting the image.

Not only was Rogers an incredibly talented photographer, but he was also an honorary PPA member and degree-holder. PPA awarded Rogers with an honorary degree in 2014 at Imaging USA in Phoenix where he participated in a Q&A session: “Places I’ve Been, Things I’ve Seen." In 2017, he was inducted into the Photography Hall of Fame by The International Photography Hall of Fame museum

Become inspired by Rogers’ photographic legacy today and incorporate the stolen moment shot into your own work. 


“See How Photographers Use Creative Lighting Techniques to Capture the Perfect Shot”

Gather some inspiration for your next photo shoot from Digital Synopsis based on content gathered from Vietnamese photography website 1PX.VN. Sometimes the best way to improve your photography is by learning from the tips and tricks of other experienced  photographers.. 

This article is a compilation of images designed to empower your creativity. Give those photography muscles some exercise! Go out and try to recreate your own version of one of the featured images today. You may be inspired to implement some new lighting styles and techniques into your photography routine. 


“Top 57 Free Resources For Photographers in 2020”

Shotkit offers a comprehensive list of free programs for professional photographers. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran at photography, you can still benefit from resources like free Lightroom presets and free studio management software. This free content may not stack up next to programs that you already pay for, but it never hurts to have accessible services available for you and your clients. 

Take the time to ensure that you’re running your photography business efficiently. Check out Shotkit’s list today to take full advantage of these featured programs. 

We hope you use this content as inspiration to continue creating, getting inspired, and working on your photography business! To discover more photography tips and tricks, head to our unlocked library of educational video content. Binge content that can help you take your career to the next level.