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September 29, 2016

NOW AVAILABLE: Drone Liability Insurance

PPA is pleased to introduce a new General Liability Endorsement exclusively made for 

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UAS/Drone operators! 

PPA's General Liability Insurance has coverage of $1 million per occurrence, or up to $2 million total. If you want to cover your drone under the same terms, it is recommended for you to purchase Drone endorsement insurance as well. Please note that this coverage is sold separately from the PhotoCare Equipment Insurance that is provided with your PPA membership. 

Drone Liability Coverage terms and conditions: 

You must be a member of PPACoverage must e purchased in conjunction with PPA's General Liability coverageLimit options of $50,000 and $25,000 Annual premiums of $150 and $100Must be compliant with Part 107 Federal Aviation Regulations, and also state and local regulationsOperation of drone must be in connection with a paid assignment for your businessDefense coverage is included inside the limit of liabilityCoverage extends to bodily injury and property damage of others

Ready to purchase coverage? Call our team at 888-202-1526 to secure your coverage today!

Not sure what the new FAA drones rules are? Visit