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November 29, 2023

November Recommended Reading: Nature Photos, Newborn Photography, and more!

2023  is quickly nearing its end. Soak in the last few weeks before winter and enjoy these recommended reads for photographers about our industry!


'One in a Million' iPhone Photo Shows Three Versions of the Same Woman
An eerie tear in the fabric of reality or just computational photography at its finest?


Top 5 Newborn Photography Marketing Tips
Elevate your brand, attract ideal clients, and set yourself apart in this specialized field.


YoutTube is going to start cracking down on AI clones of musicians
YouTube will give music labels a way to take down content that 'mimics an artist's unique singing or rapping voice.' Creators will also be required to label AI-generated content beginning next year.


The Making of a Massive 94-Inch Print of the Curvature of the Earth 
A photo best viewed in person, as big as possible.

How Close is That Photo to the Truth? What to Know in the Age of AI
This comprehensive article begs the question, at what point of editing with AI is a photo no longer a photograph?

Judge Rules Social Media Companies Must Face Child Addiction Lawsuits
A judge has ruled that social media companies — including Meta, Google, Snap, and ByteDance — must face the hundreds of lawsuits blaming them for children’s addiction to its platforms.

2023 Hall of Fame Induction and Awards
The 2023 Honorees inducted into the Hall of Fame include photographers and visionaries who demonstrate the artistry, passion, and evolution of the past and present art and science of photography.


Guns N’ Roses Sued for Copyright Infringement by Longtime Photographer
Katarina Benzova filed a lawsuit in November alleging egregious copyright infringement and harassment charges by the band’s management. 


The Splendid Nature Photos That Won NANPA's 2024 Showcase
The North American Nature Photography Association announced it's 2024 winners. View the stunning gallery.