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February 28, 2020

Marketing Your Photography Business Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult. Read These Articles, Gain a New Insight, and Take Your Business Skills to the Next Level


This DIY photography article will change the way you go about your photography business. Tim Wallace is going to help you explore the best tactics to improve your business. Everyone is on a different journey in their business, so as the photographer you need to reflect on this and decide how you want to improve your skill set.

There should always be a balance between your photography style and how reliable you are with your clients. The top photographers know how to balance these aspects of their business, so it’s time for you to do this too!

Check out Wallace’s article to learn the right approach for your business.

5 Best Expert Tips for Starting a Photography Side Hustle

Creating a photography side hustle requires more work than waking up one morning deciding that photography is your next career choice. In this Young Adult Money article, Ashley Haugen is going to give you the honest truths about what it takes to have a side hustle. For the article, Haugen drew from the experiences of go-getter women who are able to improve their photography side hustles while maintaining a 9- 5 career.

The article goes into depth on points like nailing your signature style, getting the right equipment, understanding the legal aspect of your business and so much more. If you struggle in any of these aspects, then it’s time to learn how to fix it.

To further your photography career, read what Ashely Haugen has to say in this article.

Pro Bono Photography: Doing Well By Doing Good

Whoever says free photography isn’t rewarding needs to read this article. If the thought of doing pro bono photography hasn’t crossed your mind, then it’s time to consider it as a profitable photography option. In this Shutterbug article, Maria Piscopo is going to show you how pro bono photographers Miguel Pola, Benjamin Rasmussen, Stephanie Calabrese Roberts, and Michele Weisz were able to benefit from their free opportunities.

Even though the thought of doing free photography might sound painful to your bank account, it could be the best way to get exposure for your talents. By working for nonprofits, these photographers were able to build their credibility while bolstering their business and on top of that they were able to give back to those in need.

Head over to Piscopo’s article to learn why you should give pro bono photography a chance.

5 Surefire Ways to Get Noticed as a Photographer

If you’re not consistently working towards more exposure in your business, then you will not get nearly as much traffic as you need. Mark Schenker from Contrastly is going to help your business get noticed through 5 steps that you need to incorporate into your craft. Schenker’s tips are so simple that you might wonder why you haven’t used them yet!

For starters, he offers detailed suggestions on improving your social media platform and starting a photography blog. In such a media-heavy generation, not using these tips will cost your business revenue and clients.

Take advantage of Schneker’s advice and head over to the article.

Don’t just read these articles, find other ways to constantly surround yourself around meaningful content to grow your business. Here at PPA, we always offer our members resources that will give them more of an insight to the photography world. To help your career take off, join PPA today to become a part of a community that is just as passionate about their futures as you are.