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July 28, 2017

New TSA Rules Impact Photographers, The Importance of Branding, and Shaking ‘Photographer’s Block’: Our Top Blog Posts for July 24 - 28

It's Friday, which means it's time for our favorite photography blogs from around the web! Take

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 a minute to relax and look over these articles. 


Facebook Buys Copyright-Protection Startup Source3

COPYRIGHT: Facebook appears to be beefing up their efforts to keep copyrighted videos from being uploaded to the site without permission. This post from Musically covers Facebook's acquisition of Source3, a company that specializes in keeping copyrighted material from being used on the web without the creators' permission. Check it out and let's hope this means better copyright protection on Facebook!

TSA Requires a Separate Screening of Cameras in Airports Now

FLYING WITH A CAMERA: The TSA has released a new rule that requires all carry-on electronics larger than a cell phone to be placed into a separate bin for security screening. Yes, that includes your camera! The plan has already been rolled out at 10 airports across the country, and will soon be at every airport. Read all the details on PetaPixel.


Ten Ways to Shake 'Photographer's Block' for Good

INSPIRATION: If you feel like your photography is stuck in a rut, take a look at these 10 tips from Digital Photography Review. You'll likely gain some new inspiration for your next project!

How to Upload Content Older Than 24 Hours to Instagram Stories

SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram's Stories feature is a great way to share content with potential clients. This post from Fstoppers dives into why you should consider using the feature, and also provides a handy tutorial for posting Stories that fall outside of Instagram's 24 hour time limit restriction. If you're already using Instagram Stories, or are thinking about implementing it, this is great info to have. 


Shooting a Dramatic Portrait Using a Beauty Dish

TUTORIAL: Learn how you can create dramatic portraits by using a beauty dish and a minimal amount of gear in this tutorial from PPAedu and Imaging USA instructor Joel Grimes. Check it out on PetaPixel.