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January 03, 2023

NEW Research Findings on Family Portrait Photography Consumers

PPA’s new study reveals tangible insights into a target audience of family portrait photographer seekers that can be used to your advantage! Take a closer look at the patterns and behaviors of photography consumers and hone your business strategy with the help of PPA’s consumer research. Our findings show that this niche of consumers is more experienced, having hired a photographer in the past, and they come prepared with a budget in mind. While the search for a family portrait photographer most often begins with word-of-mouth referrals, 60% ultimately hire a photographer found online. These hiring decisions also happen fast, within two weeks of initiating the search for a photographer. 

These consumers also draw inspiration for their portraits from physical locations and are drawn to photographers whose social media content helps them visualize what working with them would look like. Unlock more insights in the form of friendly graphs and actionable takeaways online as a PPA member. Understanding your consumer’s motivations, patterns, and beliefs is key to a good marketing strategy. That’s why PPA places a high amount of importance on researching different consumers of photography, to give you a leg up in business! 


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