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July 01, 2024

New PPA Councilors Announced

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has announced the results of their 2024 Council elections. The new Councilors officially took office on July 1. These volunteers act as a voice for members in their state and help set policy by discussing and voting on changes to PPA by-laws, procedures, and leadership. They are also vital in helping PPA get important messaging out to its more than 35,000 members.

PPA is truly a member-owned organization. PPA members govern the organization through their representatives in the PPA Council, which consists of:
Elected councilors in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and Canada and: 

  • Members of the PPA Board of Directors
  • Chairpersons of Standing Committees
  • Past PPA Presidents
  • Current Presidents of International Community Networks

Elections are held every 3 years (ballots are sent and tabulated electronically) beginning in the spring. All PPA Professional Active, Additional Active, Canadian, Life and Retired members have the right to vote. PPA is a member-supported and member-driven organization, and its members run PPA, in great part, through their elected representatives.

Once elected, PPA council members represent all PPA members in their respective states. A Councilor's duties include attending state and local association meetings, encouraging membership in PPA, and maintaining a constant connection between the nonprofit’s members and its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Councilors must attend one annual meeting at Imaging USA, the organization’s signature photography trade show and convention.

See the complete list of PPA's newly-elected Councilors here.