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November 20, 2017

New PhotoVision Video: Creating Heirlooms


Photographers of all skill levels can benefit from PhotoVision's high-quality, rich-content videos! These videos show you the latest and most effective techniques that expert photographers currently use to make their work even better, and you can too! See for yourself by checking out the latest video, hosted by Parker Pfister!

In "Creating an Heirloom", Parker captures a beautiful portrait of a mother with her children, and discusses how to tastefully handle non-sensual nudity in photography in order to create symbolically nurturing and organic imagery. Parker demonstrates how to keep children engaged, even when dealing with vintage full-frame film cameras that require absolute stillness. Parker stresses the importance of capturing emotion in his images and how to pose in order to create a sense of connection.

PhotoVision is included with your PPA membership. That alone represents savings of $199/year! So, what are you waiting for? Head over to and begin streaming classes today... for FREE! If you're not a member of PPA, consider joining today!