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June 02, 2023

New on theLoop: Giveaway Responses & Member Questions

Every month on theLoop, PPA's online community of photographers, we host a monthly giveaway. This giveaway offers participants a chance to win fantastic prizes simply by participating in the community. To enter the giveaway, all you must do is leave your answer to a specific question in the comments section. Here are a few of our recent monthly giveaway questions posed to photographers and answered in full force! We also share a few recent posts by members that sparked some excellent discussion. 


 "What do you keep in your camera bag?" 

This question received an overwhelming response from the members of the community. When asked about the contents of their camera bags, participants not only mentioned the typical equipment such as camera bodies, lenses, and tripods but also delved into the specifics of their photography specialties. They highlighted the range of gear they carry, emphasizing the importance of having the right tools for different types of shoots. It was fascinating to see how photographers tailored the contents of their camera bags to suit the specific requirements of each session. Some participants even added a touch of humor to their responses by mentioning that their camera bags contained "everything but the kitchen sink."  


How do you include nature in your images?”

In April, the monthly giveaway question on theLoop revolved around incorporating nature into photographic images. Members of the community exhibited their creativity and ingenuity when answering the question. One popular suggestion involved using a tree branch as an arch to enhance the composition and styling of portraits. The question prompted participants to delve into their local environments and the impact it has on their photography. Many members shared their geographical locations and discussed how the natural surroundings influenced their artistic vision. Notably, landscape and wildlife photographers took this opportunity to showcase their work by sharing awe-inspiring images they had captured.

Respect the Craft

Timothy Devine is struggling with parents taking cell phone photos of their kids while he is trying to create their portraits. This is an issue as cell phone camera flash can interfere with the lighting, kids can be distracted, and ultimately, his hard work in lighting and posing the scene should not be obtained for free by the parent. Fellow PPA members offered great advice and shared what they have done to resolve this common issue.

Putt Your Best Foot Forward

Experienced photographer, but inexperienced golfer, Carl Schmidt asks theLoop for advice on photographing a charity golf tournament. 


Making the Leap: Full Time Photographer

Vernon Segura is determined to elevate his photography career and transition into becoming a full-time photographer. Seeking guidance from fellow members, he received valuable advice on refining his skills and taking the necessary steps to achieve his goal. In addition, Vernon was reminded of the abundance of beneficial resources provided by PPA, including tools for pricing, skill enhancement, marketing strategies, and more.


Now is the time to get involved! If you’re a PPA member, that means you have access to theLoop. Receive business advice, technical tips, or vent about a recent experience in a place that values the work of photographers. And because theLoop only accessible if you're a PPA member, you don't have to worry about the prying eyes of clients. So fire away—and ask those questions!