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February 29, 2024

New on theLoop: First Posts of 2024

This month’s top loop posts include questions of copyright, editing, and troubleshooting a camera malfunction. TheLoop offers PPA members a perfect venue to voice their problems and ask for help in a place free from the eyes of clients. Tap in, ask your questions, give advice, and participate in the monthly giveaway post for a chance to win a prize! 

Corporate Headshot Copyright Question- 168 views, 13 comments
This Looper is seeking advice on a request from a corporate client to receive downloads of all photos taken and exclusive and unlimited rights to the images provided. She is used to offering clients a limited copyright release while maintaining the copyright over her images, and like many photographers, she does not provide a full cache of RAW photos to her clients.


Photoshop Black and White Editing- 247 views, 11 comments
Member Pamela Jacobson is a fan of black and white photography, but is experiencing trouble achieving the results she desires when she converts her images from color to black and white. She is seeking photoshop tips for editing her images and getting the desired black and white images she is seeking. Many fellow members offered their tips on editing and their perspectives based on the gear they are using to create their own black and white images.

Selling Electronic Files After Selling Prints - 131 views, 6 comments
Looper Michael Parra is struggling with clients repeatedly asking to purchase electronic files instead of prints. Many clients even want all of the images from a session instead of a curated, retouched set of images. Michael is wondering if any photographers have advice on working electronic image files into their business plan and what the recommended pricing is for selling files instead of prints. Many Loopers had great advice that focused on both growing skills in In Person Sales and finding the right clients for who you are as a photographer.


Low Light Malfunctions with Mirrorless Cameras - 129 views, 10 comments
This Looper is experiencing malfunctions with his mirrorless camera freezing up while shooting in low light environments, such as night clubs or bars. He is seeking advice and wondering if any other members have experienced similar issues. Members have offered advice on what may be causing the issue and how this Looper can resolve his freezing issues, including switching to manual focus for his images.


Looking For a Nice Folio Box - 180 views, 24 comments
This post focuses on a Looper seeking advice on where to source a folio box to offer as an option for his clients. Members offered a variety of suggestions, including Red Tree Albums, Graphi Studio, and the most popular suggestion, 3XM. This discussion presented the Looper seeking a folio box with great options and led to members in the comments learning about new vendors and folio box options they were not previously aware of.


Photos For a Jazz Quartet - 200 views, 11 comments
This Looper has the chance to become the “official photographer” for a jazz quartet quickly gaining popularity in his area. He is seeking advice on the legal and contract aspects of shooting for their promotions, advertising, merchandise, and fulfilling any other photography needs that may arise. Fellow Loopers offered differing perspectives in response—the first comments urged the post creator to start with a contract, while others suggested he should simply charge a session fee. The reasoning against creating a contract is generally that musicians do not make much money and the photographer will have a lot of opportunities for exposure, especially as the band gains popularity. Would you suggest starting with a standard contract or meeting the musicians where they are?