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December 29, 2023

New on theLoop: Final Posts of 2023

TheLoop is our online forum for photographers to ask questions and get answers. Here are a few of the posts from this month that caught our attention. 


Questions from an Imaging USA First Timer
This member and first year Imaging USA attendee looking for some tips and tricks leading up to Imaging USA 2024. He’d like advice on what to expect from events such as the H&H Learning Lounge, The Stadium Club and Coaches Corner, and the Boudoir Sessions, as well as general tips on driving up and bringing his camera. Have you attended Imaging USA before? Reply to this thread to share your top convention tips.


Welcome to Louisville, y'all! 
Bruce Hinson gives us the correct pronunciation guide to the name of his city, Louisville, which is also the home of Imaging USA 2024.


Asking for Advice: A Client Brought their Friend to the Senior Shoot
Looper Alyssa Andrew is seeking advice on how to handle a Senior Portrait session in which her client brought a friend along for some photos together during the individual client’s senior session. The mother of the client requested individual photos for the friend, effectively turning the one-person senior session into a two-person session without properly compensating the photographer for changes to the session. How would you handle this situation?

Work for Hire Contracts Coming After the Job is Complete
Do you have any advice for a photographer facing contract issues with their client? This Looper is seeking advice on how to navigate an issue in which his client is withholding payment unless he agrees to providing them with full ownership of his images and states that he would be referred to as work for hire. The client is not receptive to this photographer’s attempted negotiations, but he does not want to lose them as a client. Reply to the post to share your advice.

Ransomware Heads Up
Dani Weiss, PPA member based in Atlanta was contacted about a headshot job in her city. The email ended up linking to ransomware that this member fortunately didn't fall for. Read more about common ransomware schemes in this post.