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July 21, 2023

New on theLoop: Community Troubleshooting

Discover the power of community and knowledge sharing with theLoop, the exclusive online resource available to PPA members. It's easy to tap into this private community of like-minded professionals, ask questions, gain valuable insights, and fuel your photography journey without the worry of client interference. Here are some recent posts from members who asked and had some of their burning questions answered.


Most Convenient Way of File Sharing with Clients?

Sven would like advise on how his fellow photographers share files with their clients. Members included many suggestions, such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, and Pixieset.


Print Certificates or Certificate of Authenticity?

Jann asks for the difference between Print Certificates and Certificates and why photographers add these to the back of their images.


Should I Work for Orion Photo Group?

Bella is seeking advice on the legitimacy of the Orion Photo Group. Fellow members shared stories of when they’ve worked with this group in the past. Members conclude the company is not sketchy and is a good opportunity for aspiring photographers or those trying to build up their portfolio, but isn’t a great way to make a profit.


How to Fund a Photography Business

Robert is looking for resources and advice on funding his photography business. He received advice from his fellow members on how to build up his business without any debt.


MIR Screen Resolution

Daniella encountered challenges when resizing her images for the monthly Merit Image Review. Through discussions with fellow members and clarification from PPA via a YouTube comment, she gained valuable guidance.

Now is the time to get involved! If you’re a PPA member, that means you have access to theLoop. Receive business advice, technical tips, or vent about a recent experience in a place that values the work of photographers. And because theLoop only accessible if you're a PPA member, you don't have to worry about the prying eyes of clients. So fire away—and ask those questions!